Equine Clinics Canada
Coming Soon British Columbia Coming Soon Alberta

Welcome to Equine Clinics Canada, and thank you for making a big step forward to supporting your local equine community!

What we are trying to get started is an informational website for equine enthusiasts to visit and find clinics for all riding disciplines.

The reason why we’ve decided to do this is recently we signed up for a clinic out of a local facility in the Fraser Valley only to have it cancelled because not enough riders knew about the clinic! They had it advertised for over 6 weeks! This was to ride with Geoff Teall! When I had originally spoken with the clinic organizer to put in my registration she said that many riders didn't even know about it. This was even after advertising in a well known local horse magazine.

It's amazing when we can get such talented equestrians who are willing to participate and teach us, but how long will that last if we can't support them! We’re always having to dig around multiple horse related websites to try and find upcoming clinics before they’ve past! How easy and great would it be to have ONE website we can all go to for any type of equestrian related clinic?

Currently this website is under construction, but once finished we will have an online database of upcoming clinics, facilities willing to offer their space for clinics, and even reviews of clinics past!

So all of this is leading up to a simple offer, please feel free to post or email me upcoming clinics at your facility! Please send the Facebook page to friends and colleges!

There is no fee for this, there is no strange catch, this is strictly to support the equine community in the British Columbia and Alberta,  hopefully eventually all through out Canada!

Thanks so much and please check us out on Facebook!


For more information or to have us post an upcoming clinic please email us info@equineclinics.ca